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I am a senior expert with international experience in contract and claim management for the plant construction, the real estate industry and the construction industry.

I accompany the implementation and operation of a Contract Management end-to-end:

  • Establishing processes
  • Setting up interfaces to engineering, scheduling and costs
  • implementation and operation of a document system
  • Handling of contractual correspondence

With a focus on speedy solution at reasonable cost, I advise and assist in the assessment, handling and resolution of contractual disputes. This should avoid long legal disputes with uncertain outcome and provide economically justifiable solutions.


In plant construction, the real estate industry or the construction industry, project contracts are constantly altered because of deviations from the originally agreed scope during the project execution - intentionally or unintentionally, by one of the parties themselves or by third parties. These changes lead to increase of costs and time extension. And as both parties have contrary objectives, conflict is imminent. For one party there is the budget target and the other part wishes to improve the price by submitting respective claims.

By my standards I handle all contractual aspects of the project by a holistic approach. This includes the complete documentation of the contractual agreement and the project, the handling of correspondence and the connection to time and cost management. I manage and moderate the interfaces between the team players of the project, including lawyers and reviewers. My concern is an open and appreciative communication between all parties, in which a constructive debate leads to solutions as quickly as possible.

If legal procedures cannot be avoided, I also assist in preparing substantial documentation and evidence for arbitration and legal proceedings.

As your Contract and Claim Manager I am at your service in three different ways:


The following modules are provided:

  • Evaluation of contractual documents and history
  • Analysis of contractual risks
  • Assessment of actual situation versus contract
  • Developing measures based on assessment of actual situation
  • Assisting in implementing developed measures


Wolf Hirth (Contract & Claim Manager)

Since 1991 Wolf Hirth has participated in project execution in leading positions. His broad experience in handling disputes of domestic projects and also in foreign countries did set the basis for having specialised in Contract and Claim Management. As a leader, moderator and arranger Wolf Hirth has managed various complex projects keeping quality, programme and costs at target. Since 2011 he is providing services through wolf hirth consult.

Wolf Hirth was born 1962 in Nigeria and visited school in the state of Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany. He received master degrees both in civil engineering  and commercial engineering from the Universities of Karlsruhe and Munich.

Pending on project requirements, Wolf Hirth will team up with partners from his professional network.

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My strategic and analytic thinking enables me to recognise and understand in short time the cause of deveations from the contract and disputes.

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Interdisciplinary Know How

interdisciplinary know how is my basis to develop comprehensive and enduring solutions to contractual issues.

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Living and working in foreign countries has shaped my skills of intercultural understanding and has sharpened my interpersonal competence.

Plant Engeneering

  • Offshore Converter Platforms for Wind Parks in the German North Sea
    (Traditional pile foundation and self installing platform, GBS)

    • Offshore Contract according to Swedish law in English language.
    • Reviewing contract and monitoring all project activities regarding compliance with contract.
    • Identifying deviations from the contract, preparing and pursuing appropriate measures in coordination with the project team to secure Company's position.
    • Prepare alternative scenarios of project execution for management review as part of risk management.
  • Offshore Foundation for 80 Wind Turbines of a Wind Park in the Baltic Sea

    • Fidic contract in German and English language.
    • Review of contract and project documentation.
    • Identification and preparation of entitlements.

Real Estate Industry

  • Risk Management > Bahrain Bay

    • Coordination of all construction activities of Third Parties on Bahrain Bay as risk manager for Bahrain Bay Development.
    • Responsible for maintaining a conflict free interface on site between third-party developers, utility providers, public authorities and BBD.

 Construction Industry

  • Demolition and Reconstruction of a motorway

    • Demolition of a motorway bridge with 6 lanes crossing intercity and suburban railways. Reconstruction of the bridge with extension to 8 lanes.
    • German construction contract procedures (VOB).
    • Reviewing contract and monitoring all project activities regarding compliance with contract.
    • Identifying deviations from the contract, preparing and pursuing appropriate measures in coordination with the project team to secure Contractor's position.


  • Claim and Contract Management for an European Construction Group

    • Set up and managed the central unit "Claim-/Contract-Management" for national construction activities of an European Construction Company Group
    • Assisted project organisations to identify and manage risks and to pursue complex medium and large project claims.
    • Developed and provided appropriate solutions for projects with the overall goal of fast conflict resolutions outside court in close cooperation with lawyers and independent reviewers.
    • Successfully developed and enforced a claim for indemnifying losses due to faulty structural design of a high standard high rise building.
    • Managed and coordinated the process of developing and pursuing the claim together with lawyers and independent reviewers.


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